iPhone 5: All the oxygen in the room.

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I spent Wednesday across the street from the year’s largest tech PR event, the iPhone 5 launch. I was at Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker’s bi-annual conference that ironically happened the same day and practically same location as the mesiah’s press conference.

IDF seemed a little quiet on Weds. No Blue Man Group. No dancing bunny suits.¬†Somnolent conversations about HTML5 and Ultrabook.¬†Intel launched Haswell, it’s fourth-generation Core microarchitecture design, a 20x improvement in energy-efficiency. This type of news once rocked the tech world. Now the challenge is to get the OEMs to listen and innovate, much less the tech press and consumers.

I also demoed smartphones running Medfield, the low power Atom processor. I don’t see how ISVs or OEMs are taking advantage of the processing power. When consumers can run full x86 desktop from a mobile phone, that will be transformative.

Finally, Owen Media coordinated the Black Belt Summit for the Software Services Group again this year (see image). The best developers worldwide discuss how to capitalize on HTML5 and the next big things to set the world on fire. iPhone 5 might have consumed all of the oxygen in the room, but the spark that ignites will come from the guys across the street.


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