Analytics: The new PR

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A friend in the PR biz called last week about how to measure the value of an article on a news website. He’s a bit of a marketing knuckle-dragger, but still the question seemed very 1999 to me. We used to measure value by circulation and the relevance of the audience. Sometimes we’d multiply the column inches 3x the ad rate for same. In any case, that’s old math.

eMarketer recently noted more than 50% of tablet users are consuming articles from traditional print titles on their devices. My advice to my PR caveman buddy and to anyone aspiring to do PR in 2013 is to become conversant in measuring results with monthly uniques and, even better, Google Analytics and your favorite social media monitoring tool (i.e. Radian 6). I tell the kids getting started in the business to study for and pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Let’s be honest, conversion rate optimization is technical and time consuming to the point where it can diminish the creative process normally associated with marketing. ┬áBut analytics is the new foundation. The most break-through creative doesn’t matter if no-one makes it to your landing page.

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