Will “progmatic buying” kill vertical media?

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Progmatic buying means ┬ápurchasing web display ads by target audience irrespective of the web site he or she visits. In the good old days media buyers would identify publications for their relevance and frequency. Today buyers simply tell the progmatic buying services the audience they’re trying to reach and how much they’re willing to pay. Progmatic buying used to be just for bottom feeders, like teeth whitening and belly fat cures, but now represents about 10% of all display sales and grew 17.5% this year. The NYT reported a 2.2% decline in display ad revenue recently, mostly due to the rise in progmatic buying.

I wonder if progmatic buying will change the nature of vertical publishing. Editors formerly concerned with covering the leading issues in their respective markets become more concerned with attracting the audience of the moment.

The jury is out, but Owen Media takes an opportunistic approach. We’ve done progmatic buying but prefer to find the leading trade outlets for our highly sophisticated B2B audiences, such as iOS and Android developers, at the sites where they generally live, such as Stackoverflow and Dzone. The risk of progmatic buying for engineers and geospatial scientists risks wasting a lot of money on irrelevant sites. Unless you’re selling teeth whiteners.


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