30 July

Cecil the Lion Eats PR Pro

Jon Austin, Minneapolis crisis management consultant, was eaten by Cecil the Lion. According to today’s NYT, Austin took the money and shilled for Walter Palmer, big game hunter and Internet villain of the moment. Austin woke up to the full-throated roar of the indignant Internet users. He immediately fired his client and retreated. Austin’s name awareness went […]

28 July

Advertising’s Great Reset and Google Analytics

The $600 billion ad industry has been on hold since consumers switched from print and broadcast to web and mobile. Since the 1950s the industry was driven by Nielson, Arbitron and SRDS ratings. Today there are hundreds of analytics tools that measure site and mobile traffic, engagement and conversion. How much free time do you have deploy and learn […]

21 July

Dato, Machine Learning & the Rise of Predictive Apps

Machine learning lets Amazon accurately recommend products in real-time. It also enables Google to learn from your behavior; new smartphone apps can warn if you’re running late for a meeting by analyzing your calendar, location and traffic data. In the next 5 years, most apps – even those created by small companies and independent developers […]