30 September

She’s Just a Dog

Sarah, our beloved Fox Terrier, died yesterday. She was 6. She was chasing a squirrel and was hit by a car. A close friend said life goes on. But it doesn’t. I feel foolish when I tear up explaining Sarah’s death to another friend. I’m 49 years old. She’s just a dog. But she’s not. […]

28 September

Now Hiring Account Manager

Owen Media is looking for an account manager to provide support to PR clients and coordination for a bi-annual technology conference. Compensation up to $50k. Job duties include. Research, writing and presentations to colleagues and clients Client, editor, analyst and colleague outreach by email, phone and in person Attention to detail for client deliverables and […]

17 September

Supercomputing Challenge: Predicting the Weather in the Alps

Accurately predicting the weather in Switzerland is a big challenge. While it’s cool and rainy in one valley, it’s warm and sunny in the next. Rough terrain and a legion of micro climates complicate the ability to run accurate simulations to such a degree, that the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) just installed a Cray […]

4 September

Creating the World’s Most Fearsome Fly Swatter

Researchers are using genomics, evolutionary history and the “Magnus” Cray XC40 supercomputer at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre to understand and eliminate the whitefly threat — a species complex of at least 34 morphologically indistinguishable species. Recently Dr. Laura Boykin won a TED Fellowship for her whitefly research in East Africa. Whiteflies transmit diseases that can […]