29 October

Machine Learning and… Garbage Collection?

Our current waste collection system is fraught with inefficiency. Garbage trucks drive pre-determined routes and utility companies spend a ton of labor hours, fuel and resources to hit every receptacle within a particular “zone,” whether it’s overflowing or completely empty. Compology aims to change that through automation. They’ve created a network of smart dumpsters. Each dumpster monitors how full it […]

21 October

Cray CS-Storm Sets Performance Benchmark in Oil & Gas

At the 2015 Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and 85th Annual Meeting (SEG) in New Orleans, our client Cray announced a new performance benchmark for reservoir simulations using Stone Ridge Technology’s ECHELON reservoir simulation software and the Cray CS-Storm cluster. Which is a big deal in the world of oil & gas. You can […]

13 October

Supercomputer Maker Cray Launches EMEA Research Lab in Bristol, UK

Today Cray announced that the company opened a new research lab in Bristol, and will focus on creating partnerships with supercomputing centers across the EMEA region. It will become Cray’s main interface into European development programs, and the lab aims to help foster relationships with customers on an assortment of R&D initiatives. Cray is working […]

6 October

Dato Announces New Machine Learning Toolkits and Coursera Training

“Over the next five years, every disruptive business will be differentiated by the intelligence of their applications. Machine learning is the core technology to make such intelligence happen.” Carlos Guestrin, CEO, Dato Last week, Dato announced new products and certifications through Coursera (which partners with over 120 top schools including Stanford, Yale, Princeton and more). […]

5 October

Cray: Awarded Liquid-Cooled Supercomputer Contract by Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics

Our client Cray was just awarded a contract to provide an XC40 supercomputer to the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) at Kyoto University. It’s a two-cabinet, liquid-cooled system that will power a wide range of theoretical physics research (astrophysics, nuclear physics and particle physics). And it will serve as a shared supercomputing resource, supporting […]

5 October

NYT Reaches 1M Digital Subscribers

The New York Times announced today that it reached 1 million digital only subscribers. Combined with it’s 1.2 million traditional subscribers it now has the highest circulation it has ever had. This helps it support a $200 million newsroom payroll and lets the paper continue to grow while very other outlet is shrinking. NYT is profitable, […]