Media Training For Beginners

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Reluctant spokespeople are shy or don’t understand the value of press briefings. Training helps spokespeople overcome confidence issues. Simple economics helps them understand the value of a briefing. 80% of briefings convert into coverage. Coverage bestows credibility and generates awareness in ways that far exceed those of paid placements or social media marketing.

Media training theory and practice takes about three hours. Spokespeople need to understand the mechanics of a briefing and the editorial pressures the editor feels to get a good story.┬áTo that end we’ve embedded media relations guidelines for the spokesperson.

Media training

Practice requires a mock Q&A, possibly on camera. We draft 20-30 questions, including difficult questions. Sometimes we repeat quarterly as messaging evolves or confidence wanes.

Spokespeople who have gone through media training are far better in front of an editor or on camera than those who wing it. Refer to the embedded media training document to see the top 5 spokesperson mistakes. Refer to Owen Media if you want help doing this right.

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