A Raman Ball Probe On Every Desk

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Microsoft and Intel made PCs ubiquitous starting in the 1980s. MarqMetrix is applying the same formula to Raman spectroscopy today by using commercial off the shelf components to build high performance sampling and testing devices that normally cost $100,000 or more.

I visited with Scott Van Vuren, MarqMetrix Founder and Chief Business Officer this week to unwrap the market opportunities and challenges.

Who needs a ball probe on their desk? A lot more people than you’d think. Petrochemical engineers are an obvious market but this also applies to food scientists or anyone¬†managing¬†product quality, safety or cost.

If you need convincing visit their office with a laser lab and manufacturing facilities for a demo. Be sure to request a visit to the green roof lounge with a blowout view of Lake Union.

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