InfiniBand From The Beginning

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Owen Media worked with IBM and Intel to launch InfiniBand in 1999. This was a formative client for Owen Media because of its size and influence. In addition to IBM and Intel, the agency worked with Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Sun and nearly every other major enterprise hardware vendor that decade. We secured thousands of placements in tech, top tier and industry outlets. InfiniBand made growth of the Internet possible in its early days. It still does.

But in the very beginning, before there was even a ratified specification, InfiniBand was just an idea. We had to educate end users. We published the Introduction to InfiniBand For End Users. A great example of market education.

Intro_to_IB_for_End_Users (1)

As the industry transitions to cloud and exotic architectures like FPGA, we’re still educating.

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