Cloud Tech Takes Over June 7

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cloud tech conference speakers

GeekWire is taking the Seattle cloud conference mantle June 7. A few hundred IT managers and software developers will see presentations from the most influential leaders in cloud and DevOps at the Cloud Tech Conference. Part of this is made possible by GeekWire’s purchase of the IT Cloud Computing Conference.

For all the happy talkĀ about cloud migrations and DevOps initiatives, the vast majority of old guard enterprises and tech companies drop the ball on the transition. Forty or more years of process, check-lists and hierarchy refuse to give way. It wouldn’t matter but the stakes are so high. Amazon is squeezing retailers. Uber is squeezing taxi companies. And artificial intelligence threatens to squeeze everyone.

Software innovation is the largest remaining frontier in tech. Amazon, Microsoft and Google have cornered the infrastructure market. Software covers artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, among others. If you want to control the future, you need to control software developers. And if you want to get their quickly, you need to attend the GeekWire Cloud Tech Conference, June 7 in Bellevue.

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