Code Fellows Hits Seattle In The Soft Spot

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Code Fellows caught flak for claiming that Seattle homes are attainable for those who become software developers. They did a great job drawing a straight line between rising housing costs and rising tech salaries. They also touched a Seattle nerve.

There are more than 55,000 software devs in the Seattle area. Besides Microsoft, Amazon, Concur, Tableau and other locally-founded tech companies there are more than 80 developer offices for companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. The city is adding 15,000 net new residents per year. Housing prices are rising 10% per year. It’s a bummer for those outside the tech community and a major source of homelessness for the region.

Code Fellows’ students have an opportunity to engage in the Seattle transformation. Better to talk up the larger benefits than go mercenary with the “get trained, buy a house” message. That said, they got plenty of coverage for their campaign.

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