Who Didn’t See This Coming?

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cloud tech conference speakersWho didn’t see this coming? It turns out quite a few people didn’t. The speed and impact of cloud computing was easy to underestimate in 2013. Not anymore. GeekWire is launching its first Cloud Tech Summit Weds in Bellevue Wednesday and has sold out the event, more than doubling the estimated attendance.

I’m not surprised. I could see the inevitable rise of infrastructure as a service, the decline of corporate data centers and the diminution of the CIO unless he or she changed with the times. No more specifying, installing, configuring and managing servers. What was once a $100 billion industry was reduced to online credit card transactions with AWS, Azure and GCP. Something this disruptive represented a once in a life opportunity to do something totally new. When GeekWire purchased the IT Cloud Computing Conference I said that their new conference would be their most successful.

And that’s only the beginning. More than $1 trillion in market cap and 500,000 jobs are at stake as the big three cloud vendors eat into licensing revenue from Oracle and SAP as well as capex revenue formerly directed at IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco and other hardware vendors. This part is just starting now.

Yesterday Macy’s announced that it is selling off two more floors from it’s department store in downtown Seattle. But the same digital transformation that prompts the sale is also driving the biggest hiring binge in the city’s history. As the old IT giants collapse, the growth will, believe it or not, accelerate.

That may be hard to believe. But cloud computing as a serious thing was hard for CIOs to fathom in 2013.


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