4 Takeaways From Cloud Tech Summit

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The GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit took place yesterday and the event was overdue and oversubscribed. One common refrain was it’s about time Seattle had a cloud conference. If you didn’t attend, here are some highlights.

  • Docker announced it will open a dev office in Seattle.
  • Google announced that its 600,000 SF office under construction in SLU is almost exclusively for cloud development.
  • Morgan Stanley explained that we’ve only scratched the surface on the transition to cloud. We’re still in the single digit percentage of IT budget transitioned to cloud. Morgan Stanley predicts that cloud spending will grow from 300 billion now to 350 billion in 2020.
  • FPGAs may be the next very big thing.¬†Amazon and Azure data centers do the same calculations over and over, such as rendering a page. But page rendering may only use 3% of an X86 processor. So why pay for the other 97% and the associated energy, heat dissipation, real estate, cabling, IT support costs, etc. FPGAs may disrupt hyperscale server designs. Amazon, Microsoft and Intel have already announced plans.

It was a great event. Super high quality attendees. Already looking forward to next year (or sooner).

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