The Golden Age of Online Training

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Online training is having a moment. Demand is rising 11% per year as companies and individuals race to catch the cloud and DevOps waves for digital transformation.

You don’t buy your way through digital transformation, you train your way through it. Enterprise IT budgets previously spent on big data centers and database licensing are now spent on training the smartest people in the industry. We are entering the golden era of IT and software development training, as skills surpass compute capacity for innovation.

Jenkins is free. Mastering Jenkins and the process of continuous delivery is not. And so it goes with DevOps and cloud. Free open source tools are everywhere. People who know how to use them are in short supply.

The online training market will exceed $50 billion in 2016. There are 5.8 million students enrolled in online courses, and 90% of students say such courses provide the same or better experience compared to traditional, face-to-face instruction.

Enterprise IT and software development are leading categories for online training. Tech focused training sites are seeing larger valuations. LinkedIN purchased tech training site for $1.5 billion. PluralSight has a market value of $1.1 billion and may go public this year. CBT Nuggets is growing to meet demand for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Cisco and security training.

IT staffs are getting buried by technology advances. IT Directors are asking how they can keep their teams up to date. There’s not enough time in the day. Traditional boot camps are non starters because the cost of having vital teams out of the office for days at a time doesn’t work. Online training is growing due to demand but also millennial employees’ preference for digital and mobile solutions rather than attending day-long seminars.

Online training doesn’t have the charms of a two day seminar at the Waukesha Ramada, but given the urgency of digital transformation that may be the point. The fastest, most up to date training content will win in this golden age of skills development.




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