Don’t Punish Green Energy. It Leads Fossil in Pay, Jobs

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NextEra Energy - stateline wind farm

Green energy is getting a double punch this month from the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and an upcoming Department of Energy study on whether alternative energy production tax credits are harming the fossil fuel energy industry.

Things look grim for green energy workers. Data from compensation strategy company PayScale show that green energy worker sentiment is declining while fossil fuel energy worker sentiment remains unchanged. The data is pulled from the past 12 months and predates recent changes which presumably would make the gap wider.

3.4 million Americans are employed in the green energy industry and 3 million in the fossil fuel energy industry. Green energy workers are paid more, on average, than fossil fuel energy workers. How will policy changes impact job prospects and income levels for Americans?

When America eventually prices green energy commensurate with the pollution it eliminates we’ll lead the world in green tech innovation and jobs. Until then we punish the environment, the green tech industry and American workers who must accept lower pay and fewer jobs in the fossil fuel industry.





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