Avoid Trumptation

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Politics has no place in technology PR. We focus on innovation, market disruption and better performance at lower prices. But Donald Trump dominates the news cycle making it difficult to avoid referencing the 45th President. Even though demand for Trump news is everywhere, we counsel our clients to avoid the temptation to reference Trump in pitches and press releases.

Pitches often rely on borrowed interest. For example, the Wanna Cry hack was an opportunity for McAfee and other security companies to tout their thought leadership if not their products. The VMWorld conference in August will bring out all of the virtualization vendors with announcements in that space.

But when Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, it is not the time to tout the energy efficiency of your mobile phone. Or your company’s efforts to compost employee lunches. First of all, it’s a stretch. Second of all, it smells like opportunism. Major turn offs for editors.

We have brainstormed many pitch ideas since November 4, and must discard the many Trump tie-ins. They are hard to resist since he is topic number one. But that’s the reason why the pitch will fail. Unless you are pitching Hillary Clinton against Trump, everything else looks like a shameless plug.

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