Conveyor Belt Marketing

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conveyor belt

Marketing automation is everywhere. But marketing automation discussions focus on technology such as Marketo, Hubspot or Pardot. But the bigger challenge is developing the content to run those marketing programs. Writing and producing white papers, articles, blogs and myriad derivatives such as videos and infographics require large volumes of high quality content. The goal is to create a conveyor belt of content to feed the marketing channels.

A lot of startups think that writing is free. To quote Truman Capote, “that’s not writing, that’s typing.” You can fill you marketing campaigns with gibberish written by employees whose primary job is something different. You might get traffic but you won’t get conversions. And those leads aren’t going to come back a second time.

Recruit a team of writers who are already experts in your space. Often you can find a former trade journal reporter who freelances. You want expertise, insight and a compelling tone of voice to express your brand in writing. And you want it at least eight times per month.

To get to meaningful volume your writers need to be actively working on the next eight posts while the current one is going live and the next one is in the queue to go live in two days. A good ed cal helps manage this. But the best ed cal cannot replace having a stable of capable writers generating great content on their first drafts.

The conveyor belt of marketing requires as much attention on the quality of your writers as on the quality of your marketing automation applications.

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