22 October

Why Are Software Developers So Damn Slow?

Why do software developers get paid so much yet work so slowly? The global software market is $500 billion and growing by about 5% per year. But there are only 18 million software developers worldwide and universities cannot mint computer science grads fast enough. That’s why software costs and developer salaries march inexorably higher. The […]

11 October

HQ2 Winners and Losers

HQ2 applications are due October 19. Cities are falling over themselves to woo Amazon, but everyone will win this contest. Amazon is giving North America a crash course on the making of a digital enterprise and it couldn’t come soon enough. In mid-August, before HQ2 was announced, I was in St. Louis where employment, any […]

3 October

Keep Seattle Open

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South Lake Union monthly parking is pushing $400 per month. Seattle street spots are so scarce that Car2Go and Reach Now reserve drop off spots for customers. Parking scarcity prohibits a lot of people from visiting Seattle, even those who live here. No one benefits from a monocultural city of wealthy people. European cultural capitals […]