14 January

Don’t throw away your pumpkin!

We spent the last few months helping Bay Area startup Ucan launch its composting bins and bags. While we focus on enterprise IT, we also work with new energy and sustainability-minded clients, such as Intel’s smart grid initiative, Aerovironment’s electric car charging technology and now Ucan. Ucan is the hot new entry in a rapidly […]

22 November

Google Music + Android = iTunes killer

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Google announced its cloud music service last week. Normally we don’t care about frothy consumer stories, but we are knee-deep in Android market validation this month and have to chime in on the iTunes v Google Music debate. iTunes has its fans, but don’t underestimate the newcomer. Android handsets and personal computers can download and […]

15 November

Is Seattle the center of supercomputing?

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AWS landed on the Top 500 list today. There are 8+ Seattle area companies exhibiting at Supercomputing this week. The move to commodity clusters and more recently cloud services for HPC favors Seattle companies. You can read more at my post today at GeekWire, the leading Seattle tech site. I’m sure I’ll get some blowback […]

3 October

SC’11: Welcome to Seattle.

Supercomputing 2011 returns to Seattle November 12-18. Owen Media has sent clients to SC every fall since 1997 (Cray, CAPS Entreprise, ClearSpeed, IBM, InfiniBand, Intel, HP and others). For the 250 exhibitors coming to the conference, here are local resources to pull off a successful event. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include […]

17 September

Intel Developer Forum: Medfield, Ultrabooks and Ivy Bridge

Owen Media has been involved in every IDF since the conference started in 1997. Given all that has changed in the last 14 years, innovation is still the premise for conference success. Last week’s installation didn’t disappoint with Google’s commitment to x86 on Android, the coming Ultrabooks and the new 22 nanometer process technology, Ivy […]

22 August

Mobile Marketer mag wants your story lead.

  Take your mobile app and design stories to Mobile Marketer. The 38k circ. trade is looking for news and innovation stories on how you’re engaging customers with mobile apps and campaigns. Given mobile’s confluence around marketing objectives, it’s surprising there aren’t more mobile marketing outlets. Mashable and Techcrunch cover the category, but ostensibly from […]

10 August

News coverage drives more traffic than search or social.

Americans average more than 11 hours per month on Facebook. But news, not social, is the top traffic driver. Websites report that the leading source of inbound traffic is news. See the report today from Outbrain that confirms what we’ve been hearing from our clients for the past four years: Social and search are good, […]

8 August

Are blogs still relevant?

Blogs have lost their luster among marketing strategists. Five years ago clients were falling over themselves to start blogs. Then reality set in. Today, when I suggest adding a blog feature to a site, clients react with visible discomfort. It’s not that blogs don’t dominate the landscape. WordPress, the most popular CMS and blogging tool, […]

6 August

NYT paywall successful. Has the new era arrived?

Last Month NYT reported a million digital subscribers for its paid digital service. The NYT went from 100,000 to a million subscribers in three months, an impressive growth rate. The model succeeded despite hand wringing from news freeloaders and industry analysts (paidContent.com predicted the model would fail). There are still a lot of questions about […]

1 August

Do you want to work in PR?

Good. We need you. The industry continues to outpace the labor market average in growth. There are more than 5,000 PR firms in North America. Add APAC and EMEA and the number increases by at least 400%. US Dept. of Labor says there are more than 60,000 PR managers in the US. Seattle accounts for […]