16 June

Don’t Punish Green Energy. It Leads Fossil in Pay, Jobs

Green energy is getting a double punch this month from the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and an upcoming Department of Energy study on whether alternative energy production tax credits are harming the fossil fuel energy industry. Things look grim for green energy workers. Data from compensation strategy company PayScale show that green […]

15 June

Contain Yourself

Containers must be hot because non tech people are asking me about containers. A container is a self contained unit of software that operates independently of the platform it’s on. This means developers can write or modify code in a container without worrying about the operating system, hardware or network outside their container. This is […]

13 June

The Golden Age of Online Training

Online training is having a moment. Demand is rising 11% per year as companies and individuals race to catch the cloud and DevOps waves for digital transformation. You don’t buy your way through digital transformation, you train your way through it. Enterprise IT budgets previously spent on big data centers and database licensing are now […]

9 June

4 Takeaways From Cloud Tech Summit

The GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit took place yesterday and the event was overdue and oversubscribed. One common refrain was it’s about time Seattle had a cloud conference. If you didn’t attend, here are some highlights. Docker announced it will open a dev office in Seattle. Google announced that its 600,000 SF office under construction in […]

6 June

Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Who didn’t see this coming? It turns out quite a few people didn’t. The speed and impact of cloud computing was easy to underestimate in 2013. Not anymore. GeekWire is launching its first Cloud Tech Summit Weds in Bellevue Wednesday and has sold out the event, more than doubling the estimated attendance. I’m not surprised. I […]

6 June

The Rise of the Byline

The bylined article is in high demand. Once the province of trade journals, bylined articles are accepted at Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post and other outlets.  We have seen a 10x increase in bylined placements in the past 10 years as publishers go after long tail content at scale. A bylined article is often ghost written […]

5 June

3 Things You Should Know About Barb Darrow

Barb Darrow hates covering funding announcements. I know because she told me so when I was briefing her on a funding announcement. Barb is insightful but not too polite to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Which is why everyone loves working with her. Barb Darrow covers tech but especially enterprise technology at Fortune.com. She […]

2 June

Another Month, Another 50 Placements

Forrest Carman and I have worked together for more than 10 years, but I continue to be amazed by his hit rate. He’s the Ichiro Suzuki of media relations. He secured more than 50 article placements in May 2017. Five of those placements came with only 2 hours advance notice from the client to set up […]

1 June

3 IT Roles That Will Decline by 2020

The $3.8 trillion Information Technology industry is under dramatic transformation from hardware to services. Enterprises will eliminate traditional IT roles and replace them with 488,000 new cloud and DevOps related jobs in the U.S. in the next 8 years. These jobs are for those willing to learn something new. System Administrators There are 382,000 system administrators who […]

30 May

Is Content Marketing the New PR?

Last week Starbucks posted an opening for a photojournalist to join the company’s news team. Journalists switching to PR is nothing new. Journalists switching to “journalism” is. Journalists have been recruited to the PR dark side since the 1800s. But we’ve entered the corporate publishing era, where corporate content marketing achieves what only PR could […]