9 July

Seattle Greed, Seattle Generosity

Seattle has a love hate relationship with commercial interests. Feelings have reached a fever pitch this year. Every day another superlative is heaped onto Seattle’s hyperbole mountain. Fastest growing: American city Housing prices Homelessness Employment Commercial development Seattle natives are displaced economically, culturally and by traffic jams. The beneficiaries of growth are commercial developers, residential developers, […]

5 July

Conveyor Belt Marketing

  Marketing automation is everywhere. But marketing automation discussions focus on technology such as Marketo, Hubspot or Pardot. But the bigger challenge is developing the content to run those marketing programs. Writing and producing white papers, articles, blogs and myriad derivatives such as videos and infographics require large volumes of high quality content. The goal […]

29 June

Avoid Trumptation

Politics has no place in technology PR. We focus on innovation, market disruption and better performance at lower prices. But Donald Trump dominates the news cycle making it difficult to avoid referencing the 45th President. Even though demand for Trump news is everywhere, we counsel our clients to avoid the temptation to reference Trump in […]

28 June

A Beginner’s Guide to Martech

You can be forgiven for not understanding martech. Seven years ago there were 150 martech vendors. Today there are nearly 5,000. The industry is predicted to grow to $32 billion by 2018. And to think that marketers once used phone book sized directories called Standard Rates and Data to manage advertising. Martech is comprised of […]

20 June

PR with Slack

The world stopped Friday when Amazon announced plans to acquire Whole Foods. So you could be forgiven if you missed Slack’s announcement that it was raising $500 million for a $5 billion valuation. Impressive for a company that didn’t exist four years ago. Slack has gone unnoticed for the internal communications revolution that it is. […]

16 June

Don’t Punish Green Energy. It Leads Fossil in Pay, Jobs

Green energy is getting a double punch this month from the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and an upcoming Department of Energy study on whether alternative energy production tax credits are harming the fossil fuel energy industry. Things look grim for green energy workers. Data from compensation strategy company PayScale show that green […]

15 June

Contain Yourself

Containers must be hot because non tech people are asking me about containers. A container is a self contained unit of software that operates independently of the platform it’s on. This means developers can write or modify code in a container without worrying about the operating system, hardware or network outside their container. This is […]

13 June

The Golden Age of Online Training

Online training is having a moment. Demand is rising 11% per year as companies and individuals race to catch the cloud and DevOps waves for digital transformation. You don’t buy your way through digital transformation, you train your way through it. Enterprise IT budgets previously spent on big data centers and database licensing are now […]

9 June

4 Takeaways From Cloud Tech Summit

The GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit took place yesterday and the event was overdue and oversubscribed. One common refrain was it’s about time Seattle had a cloud conference. If you didn’t attend, here are some highlights. Docker announced it will open a dev office in Seattle. Google announced that its 600,000 SF office under construction in […]

6 June

Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Who didn’t see this coming? It turns out quite a few people didn’t. The speed and impact of cloud computing was easy to underestimate in 2013. Not anymore. GeekWire is launching its first Cloud Tech Summit Weds in Bellevue Wednesday and has sold out the event, more than doubling the estimated attendance. I’m not surprised. I […]