Will IT Generalists Replace Network Engineering Jobs?

In a world with over 7 billion people, it’s amazing how often we run into the same editors over and over again.

Case in point: In 2012 we arranged an interview between Chuck Moozakis – site editor at TechTarget, and Keith Barker – a networking specialist and IT career coach for one of our clients, CBT Nuggets.

Three years later… and Chuck requested a follow-up interview. He was writing a feature article on hiring trends, and the rise of the IT generalist.

Here’s the result of fostering media relationships over the long haul:

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Where is the Internet of Things Heading? Cray’s Senior Director of Analytics Comments


We recently had the opportunity to ask Venkat Krishnamurthy – Cray’s Senior Director of Big Data and Analytics – about the rise of sensors in our everyday lives. Which led to a deeper conversation on how the ease of data collection has become the single most important driving factor behind a revolution in data management infrastructure.

The end result is an ongoing 3 part series, published in Dataconomy, titled ‘Streams in the Beginning, Graphs in the End.’


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SRC Computers Taps Owen Media for First Commercial Product Launch

SRC Computers takes its name from Seymour R. Cray’s initials and was co-founded by the legendary supercomputer designer… along with Jim Guzy, who served on Intel’s Board of Directors for 40 years. The company has been perfecting reconfigurable processors for the U.S. defense department since 1996. And SRC came to Owen Media when they wanted to announce their first commercial product, the Saturn 1 Server.

Saturn 1 is the world’s first dynamically reconfigurable hyperscale server.  “Software-defined hardware” right down to the processor. And performance is 100x (or more) faster than X86, while each server pulls just 45 watts. This is what it looks like:

The dual-Stratix IV SRC Saturn 1 rides HP's 4U Moonshot server.

Dozens of hours spent on messaging refinement, and 15+ press interviews later… seasoned industry reporters from Tim Prickett Morgan (The Platform) to Jeff Burt (eWeek) to Rick Merritt (EE Times) all wrote feature articles on Saturn 1.

Here is the resulting coverage:

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Facebook’s Nod to NYT, et al

Today FB announced “Instant Articles” from 5 US publishers. New York Times, Nat Geo, Atlantic, Buzz Feed and NBC News joined the initial effort which hosts the article on FB’s servers for 10x faster load times. The publishers admit that FB drives up to 25% of their traffic.

What does FB get out of this deal? Why premium publishers? Does this announcement signal a digital shift to quality content? For example, how come the “Instant Article” participants aren’t Honey Boo Boo and Sports Center? Until FB releases click through rates and time spent on quality content we can only guess that this signals a return to quality. What are you reading on FB?

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Barry Bolding – VP at Cray – Interviewed on Major League Baseball Network

For a supercomputer manufacturer, appearing on the MLB Network – broadcast into ~70 million U.S. households – is something truly unique and requires an excellent story, a talented media-trained spokesperson, coordinated media relations efforts, dogged determination and a bit of good timing.

Check out the end result for our client Cray:


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Supercomputers: A Hidden Power Center of Silicon Valley

Maria Alberty and Jill Dunbar, left to right, are reflected in the robotic tape storage unit of the Pleiades supercomputer in the NASA Advanced

Aurora, a new supercomputer developed in partnership with our client Cray, will likely become the world’s fastest supercomputer when it goes online in 2018.

“If you thought IBM’s Watson on Jeopardy was impressive,” IDC analyst Steve Conway said, “where things are headed will totally leave it in the dust.”

Read about the hidden, exploding supercomputing industry in and around Silicon Valley:

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Wright Runstad Builds Craft Brewery in The Spring District

BrewHub - Wright Runstad's New Craft Brewery in The Spring District

Today our client Wright Runstad announced the development of the “BrewHub,” an 8,900 square foot brewery and restaurant near the epicenter of The Spring District in Bellevue. It’ll be located adjacent to a one acre park and directly across the street from more than 300 residential units. Features include outdoor seating and a central beer garden, 26 foot high ceilings and more.

Check it out!

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Get Your Story Straight.

Is your company ready for the New York Times? You need to get your story straight before you go big. It takes months or years of messaging iterations to prepare for the opening curtain.

Your story is based on audience and message iterations. Schedule dozens of meetings each week with people who can give you honest and brutal feedback. In the early days, your job isn’t to sell, it’s to get your ass kicked so you get your story straight for the next vendor or investor meeting.

Think of your messaging iterations as a progression of rings, with friends and family at the center and press and general public as the final step. Do not skip rings. You can’t earn the right to talk to analysts, editors and general customers until you’ve gone through multiple iterations and pivots with the first five rings. Be patient, have the meaningful conversations, make the needed revs and you’ll be ready for NYT.




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2015 Client Coverage

At Owen Media, we’re fortunate to work with some of the most influential technology companies in the world. Our media relations efforts focus on developing and telling stories that resonate with editors from print and Web-based outlets, across to television broadcast producers.

The results speak for themselves. Here is a list of articles we’ve secured for our clients since the beginning of the year (see earlier blog posts for prior years):

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IT shifts to the cloud

NPR ran a great story today about the economics of cloud computing and the land grab by AWS, Google and Azure to secure customers.

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