30% of tech journalist’s stories come from PR.

In the era of news 2.0, information is easy to get, context and relevance are hard. Wade Roush, xconomy editor and former editor at MIT Technology Review makes his case today in his weekly column. Thirty percent of his story leads come from from PR people. His biggest challenge is time.

The lesson here for tech and new energy startups is how to make life easy for editors and analysts. Can you deliver a great story on a silver platter? Does it include quick references that back up your claims? Is it clear why this relevant to his audience? Have you read his work and found specific pieces that make your pitch relevant to him? Is there some sense of urgency? In other words, he’s slammed with work, why should he drop everything and talk to you now?

There it is, the secret to PR. That will give you something to do in your free time.

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Why quit your job for a startup?

Why aren’t more startups getting funded in Seattle? In the past 5 quarters there were only 13 early stage deals in Seattle. Seattle trails Bay Area and Boston startup investing. VCs, entrepreneurs and the local tech industry in general wring their hands over explanations and solutions.

GeekWire stirs up the debate every two weeks or so. Here’s the latest installment.

F5 and Isilon, two of Seattle’s hardware darlings, haven’t spun out many startups. It makes one wonder what’s keeping tech executives from leaving their day jobs. Is it lack of funding? Is it lack of a visible startup industry model, which undoubtedly has greater visibility in the Bay Area, possibly Boston?

I think there’s value in highlighting how and why senior executives leave MSFT, AMZN, Isilon, F5 and others. Owen Media works with Corensic, SpaceCurve and other Seattle startups. Watch this space for more insight on why their founders made the leap.

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