Is Seattle the center of supercomputing?

AWS landed on the Top 500 list today. There are 8+ Seattle area companies exhibiting at Supercomputing this week. The move to commodity clusters and more recently cloud services for HPC favors Seattle companies. You can read more at my post today at GeekWire, the leading Seattle tech site.

I’m sure I’ll get some blowback from semanticists who parse Supercomputing from HPC. IDC recently said SC is a $1.1 billion subset of the $5 billion HPC market, so I guess SC needs HPC and vice versa.

To all my friends at SC’11 in Seattle this week, enjoy the unusually sunny weather here (at least today). If you need something to do while you’re here, check out my previous “Welcome” post.

Posted by Paul Owen on November 15th, 2011 :: Filed under HPC
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