Cray, Owen Media and predicting the future

Cray hired Owen Media in March to deliver messaging and media relations for enterprise IT and top tier press. We’ve been doing HPC PR since 1997 and have attended nearly every Supercomputing conference since then. In fact we launched the Cray X1 supercomputer in 2002.

What’s different this time? Simulation has taken off as the application du jour for government agencies and enterprise customers. Simulation requires capability computing, thousands of compute cores working together on a single problem, ideal for Cray’s fastest systems. Supercomputer sales increased more than 30% in 2012, thanks in part to demand for simulation, according to IDC. Simulation lets scientists extrapolate outcomes in great detail. Climate change, complex financial models and big data are market drivers, among others, for simulation

Meteorology is one of the most common supercomputer tasks (weather forecasting was carried out on the Eniac computer in 1955). It’s also becoming much more accurate to forecast the impact of climate change given the speed and fidelity of the latest supercomputers. Supercomputers let traders respond to market opportunities faster. Supercomputers also let companies capitalize on big data. The world produced 1.8 zettabytes of data in 2011 and the amount is growing by 40% per year.

But this week the focus is on weather modeling. Tornado season started. The 2013 hurricane season will also start soon. Cray systems can be used to pinpoint where storms will strike and how they will interact with built environment. We need all of the insight we can get. We also need to respond quickly. To that end, Owen Media donated to the American Red Cross relief efforts in Moore, Oklahoma and encourage you to do the same. That’s the fastest route to a brighter future.

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