13 September

iPhone 5: All the oxygen in the room.

  I spent Wednesday across the street from the year’s largest tech PR event, the iPhone 5 launch. I was at Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker’s bi-annual conference that ironically happened the same day and practically same location as the mesiah’s press conference. IDF seemed a little quiet on Weds. No Blue Man Group. […]

10 September

Security: Flavor of the moment

  Include security in your marketing road map for the next five years. The NYT op ed piece today kind of cements it. The IT industry transition from energy efficiency and sustainability to security hit the tipping point some time in the last six months. Starting 2008 the industry focused energy efficiency and sustainability (see […]

24 July

“A person puts on a goat suit, he changes the game”

  Creativity, nitrous oxide for marketing. Just when you think you’ve memorized the news cycle, some dude puts on a goat suit and takes up residence with a herd in the mountains. Hoax or nut job, he made my week.

25 April

Xolo ships: Intel enters smart phone market.

  Will system on chip design revolutionize the smart phone industry? Today the journey begins with Xolo. More handsets, including a premium handset from Motorola, coming later this year. AnandTech published the first review (very positive) today. Owen Media has launched and promoted Pentium, Itanium and Xeon processors since 1995. We’re all holding our breath […]

11 April

NYT mourns the electric car.

  NYT published an electric car obituary Mar 25, the same day Wendy and I took the kids to pizza and saw an electric car parked outside. Disruptive change comes with hiccups. GM rushed the Volt and didn’t vet the gasoline backup concept. The battery fires aren’t helpful. But there are more EVs on the […]

30 March

Paul as art director.

We completed a site for BroadPoint Group this week. We used WordPress and the Classica theme ($35) with royalty free images from Corbis ($135) and my super smooth writing to get it done. Twitter feed is embedded. Time consuming though. I’ll stick to my day job and make sure I refer future assignments to Owen […]

19 March

IT rocket fuel: TechCrunch

We placed a story on Tech Crunch today on behalf of CBT Nuggets, an enterprise IT training service. With 5 million uniques, Tech Crunch placements are rocket fuel for IT marketing. Within an hour the placement was driving hundreds of inbound leads to the training start up. There’s no great secret to media relations. Develop […]

19 March

Shaved by great writing.

Dollar Shave Club released a viral video in March and was overwhelmed by the response. I loved the unapologetic writing. All brands should be this strong, right out of the gate.  No fear in this approach. Brand and funnel are one.  

17 February

Brand versus funnel

Social media offers direct relationships with customers and potential customers. So the question for global brands is what are you going to do with that?   It seems like we’re still in the sales funnel stage with most social media. Given analytics and CRM the temptation to move a prospect down the funnel and convert […]

14 January

Don’t throw away your pumpkin!

We spent the last few months helping Bay Area startup Ucan launch its composting bins and bags. While we focus on enterprise IT, we also work with new energy and sustainability-minded clients, such as Intel’s smart grid initiative, Aerovironment’s electric car charging technology and now Ucan. Ucan is the hot new entry in a rapidly […]