11 October

HQ2 Winners and Losers

HQ2 applications are due October 19. Cities are falling over themselves to woo Amazon, but everyone will win this contest. Amazon is giving North America a crash course on the making of a digital enterprise and it couldn’t come soon enough. In mid-August, before HQ2 was announced, I was in St. Louis where employment, any […]

28 September

Angry Mob Drops Pitchforks, Hugs Uber

There’s a lot of cloud hate speech going around. Job destroyer. Monopolist. Election meddler. Before we burn the data centers to the ground, let’s praise the cloud for what it is. Cloud computing is the underpinning of the free economy. Does anyone remember Hotmail? It was the first free email service offered independently of an […]

18 September

An Emmy Award for Journalism

Do you remember TV in 2007? Reality shows dominated the schedule. But viewer disenchantment with American Idol combined with new offerings helped reshape scripted entertainment. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video proved a new model was possible. The same model may be playing out for journalism now. Netflix piled up 91 nominations at the 2017 […]

11 September

Amazon Wants an Open Marriage

Amazon delivered a surprise punch to Seattle last week. It was as if an attractive, wealthy spouse asked for an open marriage. A shocker. Kind of like when Boeing moved its HQ to Chicago in 2001. Some say the company is responding to civic leaders who pile Seattle’s woes on Amazon (traffic, housing costs, homelessness). […]

5 September

Tennis Underdog Wins Sponsorship

Roger Federer is sponsored by Rolex, Nike and other brands for about $71 million per year. Serena Williams’ sponsorships from Nike and other brands make her the highest paid female athlete in the world. But there is a subcategory of tennis player who gets sponsorship at the last possible moment. While it might only be […]

1 September

DevOps Sprawl

Is DevOps suffering from over-automation? The promise of DevOps is faster application deployment, such as multiple updates per day. The development methodology is central to the success of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech heavyweights. According to Gartner the DevOps tools market is $3 billion in 2017, up 21.1 percent from 2016. Mainstream enterprises, such […]

31 August

How Content Marketing Works

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Instead of pitching products or services, content marketing provides relevant and useful content […]

24 August

Did Thought Leadership Jump the Shark?

The term thought leadership conjures images of a douchey guy giving a Ted Talk. He’s usually striding across a stage, conflating world peace with some new technology. Thought leadership is dragged down by that image. It’s not fair. Tech marketing types often wince when discussing it. One marketing director recently asked to have thought leadership […]

22 August

The Best Technology Is Built on Recruiting

Tech companies perform unnatural acts to recruit software developers from competitors. Some companies pursue “talent hoarding” where devs are given generous compensation and prime assignments to dissuade them from joining competitors. Where will this end? Demand for software programmers has never been higher. Entry level engineers can earn $120,000 per year not including stock grants. Alphabet, […]

17 August

Open Source Saves the World

Open source software started as the hippie alternative to Unix and C++. It was for bearded guys working in their basements.  Things have changed. Facebook, Google and Amazon wouldn’t exist without open source software. Ditto for every application on your smartphone. Yet 20 years ago Microsoft waged a war against Linux and open source software […]