24 May

The End of Cloud Computing

The Frightful Five dominate the world right now. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft seem unstoppable. What innovation could possibly disrupt this juggernaut? Peter Levine, a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, posits edge computing will disrupt the status quo. By 2020 we will enter the edge intelligence era. Real time data processing will happen at the edge where data […]

19 May

Code Fellows Hits Seattle In The Soft Spot

Code Fellows caught flak for claiming that Seattle homes are attainable for those who become software developers. They did a great job drawing a straight line between rising housing costs and rising tech salaries. They also touched a Seattle nerve. There are more than 55,000 software devs in the Seattle area. Besides Microsoft, Amazon, Concur, Tableau […]

16 May

Intel Abandons Ship on Itanium

Intel shipped the final Itanium processor Thursday, bringing an end to a major silicon saga. Itanium was Intel’s dream to move enterprise computers from 32-bit x86 architecture to a new 64-bit architecture. Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Hitachi, Unisys, Bull, SGI and other vendors buried billions building and marketing Itanium systems. But the processor was too late and too […]

16 May

Is Intel Killing x86 architecture?

Nutanix today announced it is adding IBM Power processors to its data center servers for AI. Last year Microsoft, Amazon and Intel announced they were developing Field Programmable Gate Array-based servers. Google announced it was developing an ASIC-based A.I servers and Nvidia launched the DGX-1, a GPU-based supercomputer in a shoebox for A.I. that costs […]

7 May

Cloud Tech Takes Over June 7

GeekWire is taking the Seattle cloud conference mantle June 7. A few hundred IT managers and software developers will see presentations from the most influential leaders in cloud and DevOps at the Cloud Tech Conference. Part of this is made possible by GeekWire’s purchase of the IT Cloud Computing Conference. For all the happy talk about […]

6 May

Top 20 Cloud Editors

  The top cloud influencers embrace disruption and disdain hyperbole. Qualities they share with IT influencers. As enterprise fully adopts cloud infrastructure, the two groups converge. At the risk of alienating those not on this malleable ranking, here is our list of the top 20. 451: Nancy Gohring Ars Technica: Sean Gallagher Business Insider: John Greenough Bloomberg: […]

2 May

Top 10 Enterprise IT Conferences

The $3.8 trillion IT industry loves conferences but the vendors are taking over. There’s only one non-vendor conference in the top 10. Remember when Comdex, Interop and CeBIT ruled? These are ranked in order of influence. AWS re:Invent Nov 27-Dec 1, Las Vegas, 30,000 attendees Microsoft Ignite Sep 25-29, Orlando, 20,000 attendees Oracle Openworld Oct […]

28 April

Top 10 Developer Sites

Software development may be the world’s most valued profession. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon don’t just compete on products, they compete on their ability to hire and retain the world’s best developers. If you want to control the future you need to control software developers. The first step is to break through the messages from […]

23 April

Top 10 Developer Conferences

Everyone asks us what are the best developer conferences. It’s subjective and the conferences come and go but here is our current list.  re:Invent Nov 27-Dec 1, 30,000+ attendees. The  leading tech event in the world at the moment. Announcements from AWS define the cloud infrastructure and cloud services markets. Developer and IT training and […]

19 April

Event Gone Great: Intel Developer Forum 1997-2017

Intel Developer Forum (IDF) was cancelled today. Owen Media has worked at nearly all of the conferences since 1997. Intel was the “it” company in the 1990s. Today it competes with Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry and other DevOps darlings for the attention of potential attendees. IDF was a great event. If you never attended, here […]