28 January

What not to say

  Tom Perkins (Kleiner Perkins) puts foot in mouth, swallows. How hard could it be to do a press interview? Financial success is no guarantee of sanity. As smart as you think you are, you’re probably not. Double check your talking points with a third party before sitting in front of the camera. In this […]

18 November

Who pays for your content?

  Quality will out. There was a great NPR Weekend Edition story about the decline of quality journalism. I hope I’m vindicated in my prediction that consumers will choose to pay for quality. NYT posted a profit last year and looks on track to do the same in 2013. I think Bezos bet on the […]

5 November

Social = faster, smaller, smarter?

  NYT profiled Gary Vaynerchuck, wine shill turned social media mogul. Is it intelligence or hucksterism? Maybe more of the latter, but I appreciated a new concept introduced in the piece: Micro content producers made up of former journalists and comedy writers. I think many of us understood this, but have never put it into […]

15 October

Your first million at 23: Skill or luck?

  I saw Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, speak last night at Town Hall. He shared his wit and wisdom but my filter throughout the talk was that you received a life altering exit at age 23 (a year after graduating from Virginia) and everything you’ve done since then is tied to that lucky break. While […]

21 August

Publishing epicenter moves to Seattle.

  Is Seattle the new center of publishing? See Emily Parkhurst’s recent piece. I remember when Michael Kinsley came to Slate from The New Yorker, the publishing establishment in New York started to pay attention. Soon thereafter Gary Trudeau presented Mike Doonsbury as a Microsoft employee. If the epicenter is finally shifting, I wonder if […]

21 May

Cray, Owen Media and predicting the future

  Cray hired Owen Media in March to deliver messaging and media relations for enterprise IT and top tier press. We’ve been doing HPC PR since 1997 and have attended nearly every Supercomputing conference since then. In fact we launched the Cray X1 supercomputer in 2002. What’s different this time? Simulation has taken off as […]

9 May

The Amanda Knox story

  So you think you have a crisis? Your data center failed and your customers are furious? Amanda Knox’s alibis failed and she faced the prospect of a life sentence staring at Perugia through iron bars. America’s favorite foreign exchange student hired Seattle’s top crisis PR guy, Dave Marriott. Some people, including the New York […]

9 April

The MOOC juggernaut

  In March I presented a “how-to” primer on public relations to creative professionals with Creative Live. CL is one of dozens of new massive online open courses (MOOCs). ┬áThe global education market is nearly $4 trillion/year. That’s a big opportunity. There are hundreds of millions of potential customers whose needs are not being met […]

24 February

Seattle Times adds paywall

  Seattle’s remaining daily goes paywall in March 2013. More than 400 dailies in the US already require digital subscriptions. How much do Americans enjoy reading news content from real journalists? Even when its a discussion on Facebook, Twitter or email that is initiated by a news story? Will anyone notice when it’s gone?

18 November

Will “progmatic buying” kill vertical media?

  Progmatic buying means ┬ápurchasing web display ads by target audience irrespective of the web site he or she visits. In the good old days media buyers would identify publications for their relevance and frequency. Today buyers simply tell the progmatic buying services the audience they’re trying to reach and how much they’re willing to […]