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From the Blog

23 March

DevOps and Cloud Are Eating Seattle

Today GeekWire announced its first cloud tech conference. I think this will become their most successful event. I speak from experience. DevOps and cloud are the biggest changes in the history of IT according to the New York Times. Cloud and DevOps are rapidly consuming IT budgets formerly directed IT dinosaurs Oracle, Dell, IBM and […]

17 March

Authenticity is the world in its raw form

The commercial rewards for social initiatives are well documented. Can content marketing drive customers to act? I met with Russell Sparkmann, CEO of FusionSpark Media to identify the tipping point for action when using video, photos. animations, infographics and high quality content marketing through social channels. He not only sees the need for authentic messaging […]

17 March

A Raman Ball Probe On Every Desk

Microsoft and Intel made PCs ubiquitous starting in the 1980s. MarqMetrix is applying the same formula to Raman spectroscopy today by using commercial off the shelf components to build high performance sampling and testing devices that normally cost $100,000 or more. I visited with Scott Van Vuren, MarqMetrix Founder and Chief Business Officer this week […]


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