Holiday Pitching: Lexion Harnesses GPT-3 for Legal Contracts

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Lexion, a spinout from the Allen Institute for AI, builds cutting edge tech that instantly and accurately extracts key terms from contracts. They recently integrated GPT-3 (the powerful language processing tool developed by OpenAI) into their platform, to aid lawyers in contract review. Lexion’s AI Contract Assist helps lawyers draft, negotiate, and summarize contract terms.

And while the tech is transformative, the timing for their announcement was tricky. The launch was ready just one week before Christmas. Yet as the public debate heated up on the use of AI in legal tech – everything from representing an actual defendant in court to a “serious offer” to pay $1 million for a robot lawyer to make arguments in front of the U.S. Supreme Court – we decided to make the push, connecting with dozens of influential reporters going into the holiday break: