Google Analytics

I took the certification exam for Google Analytics this week. GAIQ has been on my “to do” list for 5 years. Why now? It’s the obvious default digital analytic tool. Some clients use Salesforce, Eloqua or Marketo. Every client uses Google Analytics.

But more is needed. The digital marketing industry must commoditize analytics. The numeracy required to master Marketo, GA, Hootsuite and any of the hundreds of other digital marketing tools and analytics applications is limiting the marketing world. Analytics and demonstrable marketing performance are great, but the $600 billion global ad business won’t unleash it’s creative potential until the industry settles on standard metrics and measurement tools.

The rise of Nielson, Arbitron and SRDS in the 1950s spurred the growth of print and broadcast advertising. Digital marketing will enjoy the same blast of growth when the industry coalesces around standard metrics and measurement tools. Honestly I don’t know why this is taking so long.

Until then, I’m Google Analytics certified and would love to help you improve traffic and conversion on your digital properties and campaigns.