27 March

Let the CDC speak

Today our elected officials are making choices that impact trillions of dollars and millions of lives. Forget about 9/11 and the subprime mortgage collapse, COVID-19 is the biggest story in America since WWII. But where can you get unbiased, factual news? Among the 55 articles listed in today’s NYT top stories, 47 are about the […]

6 March

Fistbump and grind

Seattle has become the Wuhan, China of America. It’s the first city to report a Covid-19 infection, the first city to report a Covid-19 death, and today is the first city picked by the Trump Administration as destination non grata for virus-free Americans. Don’t visit Seattle, they said. How does it feel to operate a […]

6 March

Macy’s: A tale of two coffees

Macy’s pulled the plug on its downtown store last month. Macy’s, and before that the Bon Marche, had acres of Hanes T-shirts and countertop appliances at 4th and Pine downtown. Some people are wringing their hands over the end of department stores, but not me. I welcome the Amazon world. Coincidentally AWS leases the top […]