Fistbump and grind

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Seattle has become the Wuhan, China of America. It’s the first city to report a Covid-19 infection, the first city to report a Covid-19 death, and today is the first city picked by the Trump Administration as destination non grata for virus-free Americans. Don’t visit Seattle, they said.

How does it feel to operate a business in virus central? For starters, traffic is light and you can always get a parking spot. Also, you can walk into the top restaurants and be guaranteed a table. If you need to reach a colleague at another company they will always answer because they are “working” from home with nothing to do but build library shelves and paint the kitchen.

But self-isolation is a lonely business. I normally work in a bustling Capitol Hill office with other tech professionals. During the isolation phase my dog stays home with me and while he’s a great companion, he can’t talk. So today I took matters into my own well-washed hands and reached out to clients and colleagues for coffee.

I started with my good friend and regular client Craig Fiebig at the Starbucks Roastery on Pike Street. This place is normally heaving with people pouring out of tour buses every hour. Today crickets.

Craig and I enjoyed great seating, service, and near silence as we peeled the onion on work and skiing. It’s not this easy everywhere in Seattle. Some of the coffee shops in the neighborhoods are overrun with people working from home who need a little away time from their toddlers or home improvement projects.

If that’s you and you want to get some premium coffee, contact me. I’m looking for colleagues who value coffee and conversation and need a cabin fever vaccine. We may be isolated, but we might as well be isolated together.