27 July

Is Seattle in a Paradigm Shift?

Cloud computing and software development are transforming Seattle. The changes are shocking, but are they unprecedented? A colleague who worked many years in New York finance before returning to Seattle thinks this is a paradigm shift. What separates this from Seattle’s gold rush booms in the 1890s? The population growth is identical, with each era […]

20 July

The Rise of Developer Tools

Software developer tools are becoming a major industry. Last year the venture capital community plowed $640 million into software development tool startups. Recent exits in the space from Rally Software and Crashlytics for valuations of $315M and $100M respectively, and venture capital funding to the industry growing 77% annually, something new is happening. You can’t […]

28 June

A Beginner’s Guide to Martech

You can be forgiven for not understanding martech. Seven years ago there were 150 martech vendors. Today there are nearly 5,000. The industry is predicted to grow to $32 billion by 2018. And to think that marketers once used phone book sized directories called Standard Rates and Data to manage advertising. Martech is comprised of […]

6 June

The Rise of the Byline

The bylined article is in high demand. Once the province of trade journals, bylined articles are accepted at Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post and other outlets.  We have seen a 10x increase in bylined placements in the past 10 years as publishers go after long tail content at scale. A bylined article is often ghost written […]

2 May

Top 10 Enterprise IT Conferences

The $3.8 trillion IT industry loves conferences but the vendors are taking over. There’s only one non-vendor conference in the top 10. Remember when Comdex, Interop and CeBIT ruled? These are ranked in order of influence. AWS re:Invent Nov 27-Dec 1, Las Vegas, 30,000 attendees Microsoft Ignite Sep 25-29, Orlando, 20,000 attendees Oracle Openworld Oct […]

28 April

Top 10 Developer Sites

Software development may be the world’s most valued profession. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon don’t just compete on products, they compete on their ability to hire and retain the world’s best developers. If you want to control the future you need to control software developers. The first step is to break through the messages from […]

23 April

Top 10 Developer Conferences

Everyone asks us what are the best developer conferences. It’s subjective and the conferences come and go but here is our current list.  re:Invent Nov 27-Dec 1, 30,000+ attendees. The  leading tech event in the world at the moment. Announcements from AWS define the cloud infrastructure and cloud services markets. Developer and IT training and […]

13 April

GeekWire buys IC3

GeekWire purchased the IT Cloud Computing Conference (IC3) this week, completing a three year run that mirrored cloud industry growth. IC3, a DevOps and cloud training conference, was started before digital transformation became a thing. It’s remarkable how much has changed. Prior to launching the conference, organizers met with CIOs at a cocktail event who […]

25 May

Cray Fuses Supercomputing and Big Data Analytics

Cray just unveiled its Urika-GX supercomputer, a bleeding edge new system which is the first agile analytics platform to fuse supercomputing with an open, enterprise framework. We had unfettered access to one executive spokesman, and were tasked with arranging as many press briefings within a 3-day period as possible. After stacked back-to-back-to-back interviews with reporters […]

11 January

2016 Client Coverage

Below is a list of client coverage, spanning 2016. We secured placements in top-tier outlets including The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Reuters, U.S. News & World Report and many, many more: December 31, 2016 / InsideBIGDATA: Cray Works with Industry Leaders to Reach New Performance Milestone for Deep Learning at Scale December […]