10 Uses for Great Content

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Writing is free if you have hours of free time. For everyone else there are writing budgets. As the cornerstone of social media and content marketing, writing costs might eat the lion’s share of the marketing budget. So here’s a way to get the most of your great writing.

  1. Bylined article: Your first stop with great content is a publisher. Pitch Business Insider or Fortune with an abstract of the article and ask them if they’d publish it with your executive’s name on the byline.
  2. Blog post: This is probably the impetus for the writing in the first place. But good to centralize it on the mother ship to drive SEO as well as traffic.
  3. Social media: Easy enough to create an abstract and syndicate with a link to multiple platforms.
  4. Gated content: Is it a white paper or piece of similar depth? Require an email address to access.
  5. Article: Serialize the content across multiple articles. Post natively on social platforms as an article (LinkedIN for example).
  6. Discussion groups: LinkedIN and Quora discussion groups.
  7. Influencers: Make influencers aware of the relevant content and they may reference and link from their sites.
  8. Newsletter: Share portions of the content with subscribers.
  9. SlideShare: Break it down to it’s essential components across a dozen slides.
  10. Podcast: Use the written piece as the basis of a recorded conversation of the SME. Podcast can be conducted by a third party publisher such as Cloud Technology Partners or CloudCast.