Top 10 Developer Sites

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Software development may be the world’s most valued profession. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon don’t just compete on products, they compete on their ability to hire and retain the world’s best developers.

If you want to control the future you need to control software developers. The first step is to break through the messages from thousands of other vendors vying for developers’ attention. To get you started, here are the top outlets on which developers spend time based on Alexa ranking, relevance and our experience.

  1. GitHub                 64
  2. Stack Overflow   54
  3. Stack Exchange  141
  4. Source Forge      295
  5. Bitbucket            703
  6. Code Project       1,382
  7. Code Academy   1,485
  8. The Next Web    2,830
  9. DZONE                4,333
  10. Hacker News     15,507

Not quite the top 10

  • Google Developers
  • MSDN
  • Reddit Programming
  • Quora
  • Slash Dot
  • The New Stack
  • App Developer

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