5 Things I’d Make Alexa Do For Me At Work

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Amazon announced Alexa at work this week, an effort to put Amazon Echo devices in offices. Here’s how much better work life could be with the dulcet toned assistant.

  1. Take a meeting. Why am I on all these conference calls? Alexa can take conference calls on my behalf. She’s friendlier and can call upon stores of info from the interwebs. Far more helpful than me.
  2. Make me look busy. I can utter some nonsense to Alexa like, “I’m busy,” which is code for her to turn off my butt rock, change my app from Facebook to Excel and make my phone ring as if I’m really getting a phone call.
  3. Reorder pastry. I don’t like an empty snack cupboard, especially when I have a cup of hot coffee in hand but no pastry to go with it. She can take orders for twice baked croissants and flaky crullers.
  4. Passive aggressively tell co workers to do the dishes. Alexa will say things in passing like, “Are you going to clean that cup?” Or “These dishes aren’t going to clean themselves.”
  5. Hire and fire employees. Can you imagine being fired by Alexa? Yeesh. But what a relief to the employer (says an employer). The scary thing is that you know this will happen in the next 5 years.

It’s a bright future.I can’t wait until the modern conveniences come to my office. Now if I could only get her to pronounce my name.