Happy Earth Day, Except Idaho

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Today NPR reports that less than half of teachers don’t teach climate change. Idaho stripped all mentions of human-caused climate change from statewide science guidelines this year, according to the New York Times. And five states block teachers from advocating climate change science.

Scientists are working overtime to present research findings but their insights aren’t welcome in all states. For these states, this isn’t climate science, it’s climate story telling; fact-less comments intended to derail hard earned insights. Climate change education isn’t about people’s feelings, it’s about the future of the planet. The legislative gymnastics of a few backwards states make the Scopes Monkey Trial seem quaint.

People are free to believe what they’d like, but belief doesn’t equal fact. Fortunately Columbia University compiles the Science Silence Tracker, which identifies 300+ pieces of legislation intended to block climate science from states and schools.

If you are a marketing professional or a creative person, this Earth Day let’s agree to help scientists tell their stories in compelling ways. Let’s help science-based curriculum find its way into dark corners and classrooms. We can create a message that overcomes the legislation and helps people use science to understand what’s at stake.