Let the CDC speak

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Today our elected officials are making choices that impact trillions of dollars and millions of lives. Forget about 9/11 and the subprime mortgage collapse, COVID-19 is the biggest story in America since WWII. But where can you get unbiased, factual news?

Among the 55 articles listed in today’s NYT top stories, 47 are about the coronavirus. In the Seattle Times 13 of 14 articles are about the virus. And with such a fire hose of coverage, many of the claims made in the articles contradict each other. It’s hard for the electorate to piece together the truth.

But the most important agency is not present in these articles. The CDC hasn’t conducted a press conference since March 14. They’ve been pushed aside by science amateurs in White House press conferences.

A healthy dose of science from the world’s leading epidemiologists is what the country needs right now. Turn the podium over to the the scientists.

Epidemiology, molecular biology, and virology are hard. Communication is easy. There are 330 million people who would love to know what’s actually happening. We have the best infectious disease prevention agency in the world. We don’t need the science interpreted for us by amateurs. Let the CDC speak.